My Otaku Stuff

Over at Dannychoo, everyone's been posting pictures of their rooms and shelves and what not. So here's my scattered collection. I'd say "Hey look, it's a girl's room," but it's not, as I live with my fiancee. These pictures span our bedroom and living room. Just about all of this is mine, with a few (noted) exceptions.

The FF8 scroll belongs to the boy; I was not a fan of the game, and preferred FF7. We can't discuss either at our house as it only leads to vicious arguments. Anyway there's also a FLCL Canti, Atashi and Chii from Chobits, and Kon (Bleach). Also some manga.

Love my plushies. ^_^

Video games...not all of them though. Some of the older ones are scattered throughout the house, and none of the DS/GBA games are there. Some of those (mostly Wii games) belong to my fiancee's son. But a majority of the rest are mine (unless it's an FPS, but isn't Mass Effect).

<3 Kos Mos.

Movies and anime. And my foot. All the anime is mine, and maybe half of the DVDs (the boy and I have very different tastes). That's not all the anime....

There's the rest. Except for Evangelion and Lodoss War, which are out as I've been watching them.

Here's our computer area. The scrolls are Trigun and Cowboy Bebop (and both are mine, as are all of the figures/toys). You can also see my musical theatre stuffed animals from Chicago, Sound of Music and Wicked. Also a large dragon D&D mini, and some other minis for my characters.

My comic book boxes; there's actually four, as there's two you can't see behind there, all piled with books I haven't bagged and labeled yet. And the boy's old roleplaying books.

Bookshelf with manga, comic trades, books, and some figures and plushies.

There's DVDs, games and manga volumes missing here and there, that are either lying around the house, being borrowed out, or in a box somewhere. But that's basically everything.


UNIT-1978 said...

very interesting. I love seeing peoples collections. I guess Im kinda nosy. Cool stuff though.

Kris said...

I'm nosy too, then. :)
I like seeing other people's collections. Not sure why; it just makes me jealous.