Notes on the 2008 Tony Awards

Where was Stephen Sondheim? The guy got a lifetime achievement award and didn't show up. Or couldn't. He had two (revived) shows swimming in nominations too.

How old is Liza Minelli anyway? Good gracious.... An icon she is, but looking well she is not. Was she wearing like, a jacket over a bra?

Whoopi Goldberg as the Emcee? Really? Why? And those outfits....

The Little Mermaid costumes are still hideous.

Let Patti LuPone TALK. The woman can bring the house down by literally just walking onto a stage. Let her make her damn speech.

Did anyone else break into tears when the original cast of RENT got up there and broke into Seasons of Love? Such a shame that it's closing this year.

Daniel Radcliffe will be adorable forever. I smell a Tony coming his way next year.

License plate tap shoes are really quite inventive, and awesome.

August: Osage County must be an incredible play.

The Tony Awards is the only awards show I've ever seen that actually ends ON TIME. 10 pm on the dot. I think it's because they're theatre people. That shit's like clockwork.

Are there not enough "theatre people" to cover roles that so many television and movie actors have to take over roles? I don't really want to knock them, as some of them are really great, but it just seems like there are more of them than actual theatre actors in shows these days.

I thought skating (as in roller skates) shows died with the 80s, but I was mistaken. At least it's funny (in Xanadu; sorry Ariel, but the heelys don't help the atrocious costume you're wearing).

Loving Mandy's mane, but I didn't recognize him at first. He is seriously awesome.

Clearly Alec Baldwin isn't superstitious; good for him I guess.

The Lion King is still incredibly amazing.

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