Less is More

So it seems like almost everybody has the new Rei You're (Not) Alone statue. This gorgeous thing right here. When it first came into my local comic store, I immediately fell in love with it. It's really an amazing looking figure. Seeing it over and over again in other people's collections has only intensified this longing. But she's $50+. I've also really been wanting, from Final Fantasy Play Arts, the Advent Children Reno, and the Kingdom Hearts 2 Axel. Or I could even get this entire mini Cowboy Bebop figure set.

So as you can see, "Less is More" holds true. I can get more figures for about the same amount of money as one. So I really can't decide. Of course, I also don't actually have the money for any of this. My birthday in just over a month away, and I'm hoping some cash will come in. There are, of course, countless video games and anime I want to buy...but it's time for some new figures, I think. They're a little more difficult to get a hold of as time passes.

I just can't decide. :(


xJAYMANx said...

To tell the truth, I've been thru that *many or one for the same price* self-debate too, haha...

(1) But first, you could consider ToysLogic since the site is nicer, has a better selection, new pre-orders appear quicker than other sites, and Rei's a few dollars cheaper. I no longer go to Robert's Corner Store or Twin Moons anymore... Here's Rei at ToysLogic.

(2) Back to the debate. While I understand the allure of having *many*, there's *something* about the detail and weight of a *larger* 1/6-scale figure... When I started collecting in 2006, I decided very early to avoid smaller figures. VERY rarely do I get anything *smaller* than 1/8 (about 7.5") since the detail is, well, uh, small, lol. Just 3 figures at 1/10: I have 2 Motoko Kusanagi figures at 1/10 (without bases) which I haven't opened (since I don't know how to stand her up yet without bases) or really care too much about, lol. And ordered a 1/10 Range Murata "girl laying in chair". Hard to ignore my first Range Murata piece! But that's just me. ^_^;

(3) LOL, but in Danny's inspirational post today, didn't you want this figure? Here's the rest of my photoshoot last year, if your browser can handle the number of photos.

(4) But seriously, for me, if a figure catches my eye and heart, and still does so after days, or weeks, I gotta get her. Occasionally, for more popular figures, can't really wait. Or I'll regret it later when she disappears. (Unless she's so popular, she'll be re-issued. But when? In half a year?) Of course, you could argue the same eye-catching, heart-catching and quick-disappearance of the *smaller* figures too. Luckily, after a while, I think I know the styles I like, and how long I can afford to wait. Yup, tough to discover one's own tastes, lol. So let's pretend *ALL* of your choices disappear (Reno, Axel, Bebop, Rei, Tachikoma, etc.), which would you regret missing the most?

Hope this helps! And happy birthday! (I'll guess August?)

UNIT-1978 said...

I was going to add, the same with my collection. I really only collect Mecha and monsters/kaiju, but sometimes buying a more expensive bigger figure is nicer and looks better once its displayed. I too have these debates and have come to the conclusion that sometimes quality is better than qaunity. The choice is yours.

Kris said...

Cross over reply:

Thanks for the advice. ^_^
Is the Rei a limited edition, I wonder? I think you're right though; I'm still interested in her weeks later, so she seems like the logical choice. Reno/Axel I can get anytime. And yes, I did mention in Danny's post I wanted a Tachikoma. Lol And I do! But I'm sure they'll be available for a good while, and different versions will come out, too. I loved your photo shoot with one though; that's a good looking Motoko, which I also desire (my wish list is endless).
But also, you're right. I've never had a figure of that scale before. My Shigure is a small Southern Island figure (which I snagged on sale when my comic shop was closing; a good buy since the company went out of business). This right here: http://www.mwctoys.com/REVIEW_042707a.htm
So hopefully I'll get enough birthday cash to go out and get her (it's early August); I get a 10% discount at the store I go to, so I'll check and see if they have any in stock first.
I just hope I can find a spot for her; my shelves are pretty crowded. She's a bit of a strange figure for a girl to buy, but I just think it's a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for the toys logic link! T-elos is there! The internet is such a vicious temptress.

It's likely I would have gone for the Rei anyway. I guess I just wanted some convincing, and I got it. :) Rei all the way!

xJAYMANx said...

Hey, no prob! Rei, all the way? You mean "All the Rei!"... But not sure if she's a limited edition... Not that it matters, does it? ^_^;

Yeah, I've seen that Shigure, great anime series. But not quite my figure taste. About 6-inch or 1/10-scale. My rule-of-thumb is the number 60. Sixty divided into 6-inches gives 10 or 1/10th scale. Sixty divided into 10-inches gives 6 or 1/6th scale. Etc. In my opinion, once you get Rei at 1/6th, you'll have a newer appreciation (and more vicious obsession) of figures, haha.

Nice, 10% discount is always good. LOL, and don't worry about shelf space till *later*! That's funny. Good luck!

P.S. Thanx, Motoko and Tachikoma was a pretty long photoshoot. Ninety-to-hundred shots in a couple hours I think. Haven't gotten the Gothic Reds yet, maybe July. Yeah, one week. ^_^;

Kris said...

Oh, I hated Fruits Basket as an anime series. Such a disappointment. It really was pretty awful, I thought. But the manga is one of my favorite titles.

Yeah if the statue is cheaper through the store with the 10% I'll get it there (since I won't have to pay shipping). Otherwise I may use that link you gave me.

Did you see that amazing Tachikoma Danny posted? With the Motoko inside? Man, I wish I could find a job.... :(

xJAYMANx said...

Really? Hate is such a strong word, lol. If I remember, my eyes teared up towards the end. Besides, I like different stand-alone interpretations whether it's *true* to a manga or not. So for an anime of its genre, for me, it was pretty moving. I've seen a lot of anime (100+ titles in the last couple years?), and I don't give 5 of 5 stars that often. ^_^;

Ah, Tachikoma. I skipped on the die-cast due to price and size...

Danny's = About $170, about 1/12th or 1/15th scale. Die cast.

Mine = About $70 (way cheaper!), about 1/10th scale (bigger!). Soft vinyl. (Even if it had a Motoko, don't need another 1/10th one, haha!)

P.S. Sorry about the job situation. Hoping for the best... The figures are waiting for you! ^_^;

Kris said...

Well, the problem with the anime is the part of the manga it covered, I guess. Which is, admittedly, mostly fluff. The real meat of the story doesn't kick in until at least half way through the series (which has something like 24 volumes I think). The anime only covers up to volume 6 or 7. Apart from that, with a different ending, the show could have a sequel. But with the ending it was given, which was a sort of forced, let's pull something out our butts to finalize the story...you can't really continue off of that. Mostly because of Akito. I also didn't think it was particularly well made; mostly didn't care for the voice overs in Japanese or English.

Yeah, that metal Tachikoma is super expensive! That's really crazy. And while I'd love to have it, I don't think I could convince myself to spend that kind of money on it.

The figures are waiting, and the video games, and comic books, and manga.... Plus I'm into Dungeons and Dragons, and musicals, and books (in general). I have entirely too many hobbies. Just having a hard time finding a job that I like or want to do.

xJAYMANx said...

Ah, I see. Never read the "Fruits" manga, but this exact situation also happened with the "Hellsing" anime/manga. While the 13 episodes eventually and drastically diverges from the manga (since the manga was still far from reaching volume 10), and even though the anime ending isn't quite satisfying, I still love both.

LUCKILY, the new "Hellsing Ultimate" anime has been truer to the original manga. I think it's up to 4 now out of 10 planned episodes. So I'm still waiting! A "Fruits" re-make is always possible, just like the recent two seasons of the "Ah! My Goddess" series, remaking the original "Oh My Goddess" OVA, etc...

Same thing with "Ghost in the Shell". While I love the 2 series much more than the first 2 films (haven't seen "Solid State Society" yet), plus NONE of these really match the original and sequel manga, haha, I still don't hate any of them. LOL.

But as I say, that's just me. Not trying to change your mind. Just offering my own experiences. Which is not that different from yours, I think. With the exception of "Hellsing" still ongoing (up to volume 8 of 10), I stopped buying manga and novels after finishing the last volume of "Genshiken", lol. Figures collect shelf-dust more elegantly, lol. ^_^;

UNIT-1978 said...
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UNIT-1978 said...

While Diecast is expensive, as you stated Jayman, once you have it, its an obsession. When you feel the heft of a good diecast figure and that cold metal diecast all the way. On the downside...diecast makes wallets empty fast. Good luck with a job and good luck with your figures Kris. I too have way to many hobbies so I try to narrow them down a bit on priority.I have so many hobbies I try to look at it like,once I buy something I try to think would I enjoy a figure more. So Ive stopped buying so many dvds and more figures. I dont even know you 2 but I have to give it to Kris for having an active blog.

Kris said...

Can I call you Jay? I'm going to anyway. ^_^
Fruits Basket, for the most part, DOES follow the anime. Until the end of the show. I don't want to give away Akito's big secret, but suffice it to say, the ending of the anime negates that. Not their fault really, since the manga hadn't gotten that far yet. But it really ruined it for me. And as I said, as a production, I did not enjoy it. I also felt there was too much emphasis on the series as a comedy. Fruits Basket is actually rather dark.

I do read a decent amount of manga, which is to say, about 8-10 series (mostly ongoing), but to be honest, most of it's shojo (except Trigun, I guess). I also read around 8 comic books series. This is why I'm constantly broke.

We actually don't buy a lot of anime or DVDs in general. We have a Netflix account, and my list is roughly 300 DVDs long, consistently. It doesn't shrink, but it doesn't really grow. I just add about as quickly as I watch. I see a lot of anime this way (at least half the list is anime), which is great, because then I buy less (and I can also see which ones ARE worth the cash, and which aren't worth my time).
I'm pretty new to figures. My most expensive ones (Santa Asuka and Shigure Sohma) I got during a store closing sale; one was 50% off the other 75%. And that's the only reason I bought them, honestly; I wanted them but could not spend the money. So while the store's closing made me sad, I also snagged some good stuff.

My video game habit on the other hand...well there's not a lot I can do about that. I have one friend whose tastes are even anywhere close to mine, so I can borrow a game from him from time to time. Otherwise I have to buy anything I want to play. Usually I have to wait until Christmas. In fact, holidays and birthdays are when I get most of that sort of thing. My boyfriend, wonderful man that he is, bought me Witch Hunter Robin for Christmas last year, and Cowboy Bebop for Valentine's Day this year. I won't get a series if I can't get it all at once; I do favor the thin packs and Bandai's flip cases though, as they're ridiculously cheaper.

I try really hard to curb my hobbies but...well...it's hard. ^_^

Kris said...

I meant that the fruits basket anime does follow the MANGA. Not that the anime follows the...anime. Haha...whoops.

UNIT-1978 said...

Understandable...I too have netflix and that definetly helped me from buying. I too use it to see whats worth a damn and whats garbage. As for your figure collecting, ive become more picky with time, looking at the obvious being price, but then I look at sculpt, and or articulation. Then again I mostly collect mecha so...yeah very aquired I guess. I too am a video game nut...which also takes more money from me...sigh

Kris said...

Never been much of a mecha/gundam person myself. Though they (the figures) are neat looking. I like shows that, you know, maybe have mechas in them, but aren't ABOUT them. Like Escaflowne and Evangelion.

xJAYMANx said...

Unit: Which is why I'm staying away from diecast, lol. Luckily, not only high price, but also small scale and rare fondness for cool-but-inhuman figures helps me justify the avoidance. Plus I try to keep my monthly purchases to under $100, preferably under $70. ^_^

Kris: Jay is fine, lol, I've been called worse. Luckily, I never really caught onto videogames after Tomb Raider 3 and Enter the Matrix (thank the maker!), and as I've mentioned, manga is rare as well. So the best candidate for a solid tangible item is~ obviously, lovely female-shaped figures. ^_^;

I should also thank BitTorrent for making the newest anime available (never would've enjoyed "Hayate no Gotoku" 1-52), and also Netflix for making the older anime (and Asian/Foreign flicks) available, even if only 1-at-a-time unlimited (never would've enjoyed "Tokyo Underground").

Ah yes, Evangelion and Escaflowne. Don't forget Rahxephon and Code Geass!!! (Never really hooked onto "Gundam" yet~ "Seed" was getting too shiny-whiny, but I'm starting the original series via Netflix~ and I don't think the tough-but-touching "Sky Girls" series qualifies as real mecha, does it?) LOL.