Fable 2 LCE not so Collectible

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If you pre-ordered the limited collector's edition of Fable 2, go get back 10 of your precious dollars, and watch your snazzy collectible items vanish. Due to "supply chain issues," whatever the hell that means, you will now be out the tin box, the awesome Hobbe figure, and the beautiful printed fate cards. Now I could understand problems with the figures (as it's happened to other companies before), but the cards and the box? Geez, Lionhead (though I guess it's really Microsoft's fault). First no online co-op at launch and now this? I half expect the game to come out with an apology along the lines of "Due to 'development issues' this game only includes one town and one dungeon, and will only take you about 10 hours to play. The only thing we promised you that you're going to get is the dog."

To clarify, what you will still be getting with the limited edition is the making-of bonus DVD (whoopty-freakin-doo), bonus in-game content with LIVE (unclarified), what I guess is an extra dungeon, an extra weapon, and the Halo Master Chief Fable-fied armor set.

Oh, and an update came as I was working on this. It appears that the cards aren't out entirely. You'll be able to download them as a pdf file and print them out on your own. So...they're made but they won't take the time to print them out on some card stock? Good gracious.... That just seems lazy, really.

The DLC might become general DLC eventually, so...not really seeing a reason to even bother with the LCE now. The price is dropping 10 bucks, but it's still 10 bucks more than the regular edition. The only thing I could see not going to general DLC is the Spartan armor, and maybe the sword. And if the making-of DVD is just a compilation of the developmental diaries that you can download for free online or on LIVE...what's the point? This has seriously killed a good part of my excitement for the game and leaves me really worried about what the finished product will be.

Not cool, Microsoft. Not. Cool.

It's Friday and now there's more news of even MORE things being cut.
Now both the developer diary and soundtrack are being removed from the bonus disc.
With just a few weeks left until the game hits shelves, I wonder what else is going to be removed. Hopefully it will come with the game, at the very least.


In the News 9-30-08

The biggest news obviously is OMG America's economy OMG. But as I'm a complete dunce when it comes to money and the economy, I can't really comment. I have NO idea what's going on, or how it should be fixed, or if what they're doing will fix it or not, etc. I wish we could let the banks fold, because they put themselves in that situation, willingly, knowingly, by handing out loans that they knew would not be repaid, for their own greed. If they wouldn't bring the entire nation down with them (or possibly the world), I'd say let them implode.

Now on to far less serious things.

A rumor about a new DS unit, complete with camera and music player, has surfaced. Nintendo essentially has no comment, but anyone who pays attention to Nintendo knows that that's usually the response they give for...anything. Something along the lines of "We're always developing new things." On the other hand, anyone who pays attention to Nintendo also knows that they have stated on several occasions that they would not bring out a new version of the DS until the current DS Lite slows in sales...which it has not. Sales of the DS Lite are still going strong, and several new colors are being released soon. I'm of the opinion that the rumor is pretty much bogus, and since the original report cites no sources, and indeed never even talked with Nintendo, I'm willing to believe that I'm right.

For Fable 2 fans, I have some slightly disappointing news. Despite Molyneux's comments at E3 that Fable 2 was finished, and another comment a week or two ago from Molyxneux that Fable 2 had "gone gold," the game will not launch online co-op ready. One of the top marketing points of the game is the ability to play the game online with another player, so it's rather odd that this won't be available on launch day, especially since it's not due out for another month and yet is "complete." They have stated, however, that an update will be released within a week of the US launch that will put this back into the game. I don't really understand how a game that is still a month from launch won't be a complete game, but, well, it's hard to complain when it will arrive almost immediately anyway.

Did you throw a party on September 25th? Did anyone you know mysteriously start rejoicing on that day? Well, they had good reason. On September 25th, 2008, anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson was officially disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court. Now, it doesn't take effect until the end of October, but once it does, Thompson cannot practice law and will not be allowed to apply for reinstatement.

Do you like Gears of War? Do you like to play shooter games on your PC? Too bad these two things will never go hand in hand for you. Gears 2 will never come to the PC. The reason? Apparently any person who is good enough with computers to upgrade their unit to the specs required is also good enough with computers to know how to torrent games, and would therefore simply download the game illegally rather than buy it. It's so nice how PC gamers get treated like criminals on a regular basis.

Love Google? Think it's the best thing ever? Well now you can have a Google phone! Called the Android, Google's iPhone-esque phone will launch with T-Mobile in October at about $180USD.

ADV has announced that they have acquired a Clannad license, though I don't believe there is any confirmation on whether this is for the movie or either of the TV series. Still, any Clannad is still Clannad, and one version could lead to the others if it does well.

Well, that's it for today. The all new Phoenix Wright manga is out, and I'll be picking up my copy later this week when I go to get my comics. Expect a review of that. I've read good things so far, so I have high hopes that I'll enjoy it.

Have a good week!