Appleseed Ex Machina

I've been working on some fiction short stories this week (which my perfectionism keeps me working on all day until it's perfect or I get writer's block), so here's a review of the Appleseed movie sequel that I wrote up for Netflix a couple of months ago.

Another amazing Appleseed installment. Don't be fooled by the Netflix description, however. That synopsis makes this movie out to be a romance. While there is a love story there, it doesn't define the film. The movie balances out the romance with plenty of amazing action sequences.

Deunan and Briareos are back to kick some terrorist butt. Following some amazing John Woo action sequences, cyborg Briareos is injured when he saves Deunan from an explosion. While he's in the hospital, Deunan is given a new partner - Tereus, a bioroid created from Briareos' DNA. But not only does Tereus have Briareos' former physical form, he also has his combat style, and his feelings for Deunan. Confronted by her lover's former appearance (down to his birthmark), Deunan becomes confused by her emotions and angry at Olympus' actions to create Tereus without informing her. However there's no time to straighten out her feelings. A former member of Poseidon, Dr. Kestner, is using Project HALCON to hack cyborg brains, and using a popular device called a Connexus to control normal humans. He sets mobs upon Olympus, attempting to exterminate anyone whom he cannot control, in order to create a race united by a single consciousness. He has also infected Briareos with nanomachines that cause him to go into uncontrolled rages. With massive mobs attacking power centers in every country, Briareos struggling against his own virus, and Deunan struggling to save the world and to protect her love, there is plenty in this movie to keep you entertained and your adrenaline pumping.

The animation has taken a sizable leap in quality since the first Appleseed in 2004, and John Woo's hands are all over the amazing action sequences throughout the film. The film is topped off with good voice acting and a good music score. A must see for any anime fan, and fans of Masamune Shirow.


Disney SingStar

Sing Star is a PS2 game (well I guess it's also a PS3 game now) that allows you to sing along with various tunes. Game discs come categorized with pop music, top hits, 80s, 90s, etc. It's essentially a karaoke game. You an perform solo, in a duet, or a battle as long as you have two microphones. Unfortunately, the kind of music I know and sing to isn't the type to show up on one of these game discs. But as soon as they release a show tunes game, I'll be all over it.

The closest they've come so far is a Disney game, which will be released this holiday season...in Europe. WTF Sony. Where's the North American love? I would love that game. I'm such a Disney whore, although admittedly their more recent ventures have left me wondering what the heck is going on with their creative department. I haven't liked anything (that wasn't also a Pixar movie) from them since Lilo and Stitch (about 6 years ago), though Mulan was their last great musical movie (10 years ago).

So when are we gonna get some love, Sony? I think it would sell well here, especially as a family game. You'd certainly have my money.

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Dear Fox Studios,

Please keep Keanu Reeves out of my Cowboy Bebop.