Here Is Greenwood

Here is Greenwood is an OAV, and only runs 6 episodes. It was produced by Media Blasters for the US (though Central Park Media originally released them on VHS), on two DVDs. Extras include commercials, trailers, Japanese voice actor interview. It's based on an 11 volume graphic novel series by Yukie Nasu. It also received a recent live action interpretation, which I have yet to watch, but the guys are certainly cute. Especially Hasukawa's older brother (hooray hot guys in glasses!). And that's about all that matters to me. :)

Main character Hasukawa Kazuya has fallen in love with Sumire. Unfortunately his older brother Kazuhiro just married her. To get out of the uncomfortable situation of living with them, Hasukawa decides to attend an all boys high school and move into one of their dormitories, affectionately known as Greenwood. Little does he know that Greenwood is home to the campus misfits, but he finds out soon enough when he is put into a room with Shun Kisaragi, who, Hasukawa has been told, is actually a female masquerading as a male - and Hasukawa is only 1 of (now) 4 people that know Shun's secret. Toss in dorm RA Mitsuru Ikeda and his troublesome former (female) classmate who wants to hide out in his dorm. Add Shinobu Tezuka, the student body president with a vengeful older sister who is always out to get him. Mix in Kazuhiro, who just so happens to be the school nurse at the school Hasukawa attends. And an overly affectionate sister-in-law who doesn't understand that her familial love is driving Hasukawa insane. Things are interesting in Greenwood.

Due to how very short this series is, the story line is fairly jumpy and very rushed. It's actually not really a problem as the main points come across fine, and it saves the show from replaying jokes and instances that could otherwise become too repetitive. But it also leaves you wanting a bit more. Similar to Cromartie, the characters will direct you a couple of times to the manga story, but again, it's not necessary to enjoy the story, though I'm sure it wouldn't hurt any either. It's a fun little show that started airing in 1992, so it's going to be a bit dated; but the animation is still done well. The boys are meant to be "pretty boys" ... I think. The girls are a little too masculine looking sometimes though.

There's some familiar voice talent here for those who watch English dubs. Wendee Lee plays Shinobu's older sister Nagisa, Dave Lelyveld/Wittenberg as Shinobu, and Kate Higgins as Miya.

It's cute, it's humorous (though not side-splitting), and it's short. And it has ghost girls.

New shows, fall 08

Working on a review for the fall 2008 anime season. I'm going to do it a bit different this year and bring everything together into 1-2 posts or so, instead of a single, long post for each new show. It might take a bit longer to get it together this way, but I think it will be easier for me, and it will hopefully be easier for readers as well. It will also keep me from going on and on with a full episode synopsis as I am wont to do, and instead do show summaries based on an episode or three of each show (that I have picked out) with the important stuff.

Skip Beat! is reviewed, and I am moving on toward Tales of the Abyss right now. Vampire Night Guilty, Clannad After Story and Nodame Paris Chapter should be easy as I watched their first seasons. Hint - they were all good shows (though Nodame blows the other two out of the water, and VN is the lesser of the three). One is about vampires (duh) attending a school with normal humans (but not like Twilight, which sucks), one is about high school kids and has a story along the lines of Kanon or Tokimeki, and the last is about music school students (a pianist and conductor specifically).

There are many others piling up as well. I also just finished watching Samurai Deeper Kyo, but I'm not sure if I will review it. I wasn't really happy with it, if that helps. It tried to be too much, I think, and fell a bit flat. And I finished up Here is Greenwood last night, which was cute, if incredibly short. I'm also watching Beck on the Funimation channel, and it's brilliant, so if you're looking for a show that deals with rock bands, musicians, and the trials of school life (like bullying and grades), then it's a must see (and it's a must see besides all that).

If you live in the United States, don't forget to vote! Early voting ends on October 31st, so if you don't get in there by Friday, you'll have to wait unil the 4th and vote then. I recommend going early if you can. We went this past weekend and waited in line...well I'm pretty sure it was under an hour at least. Would have been quicker if they'd had enough personnel, because they had 2 checking in when we arrived, but they had 4 by the time we checked in half an hour + later. Anyway, go vote!