Nintendo Wiimote Patent Dispute

These come and go like the waves of the ocean, but this one has some actual merit. Most of these types of lawsuits are ridiculous and hardly make an impact, but this one just might affect gamers all across America. If the suit is carried out, Nintendo would no longer be able to sell the Wiimote in America.

Here's some links for you to read up on the situation:

Game Politics: "U.S. Firm Reports Nintendo to Feds in Wiimote Patent Dispute"
This one is particularly important; not only have they lodged a complaint against Nintendo, but they've also complained directly the the International Trade Commission.

GP: "Nintendo Wiimote Hit with New Patent Lawsuit"
Original news posting; a company called Hillcrest Labs claims that the Wiimote infringes on a product of theirs called The Loop.

Kotaku: "U.S. Internation Trade Commission Investigating Wii Patent Infringement Case"

Kotaku: "Nintendo Responds to Trade Commission Investigation"


unit-1978 said...

Im not a Wii hater, but I also dont see a lot of prospect for the Wii either except for people who love Mario and Zelda. So it looks like those people are screwed if this happens.

Kris said...

I love the Wii. I think is has great prospects...or it would if Nintendo would let it. Nintendo has a horrible habit of alienating third party developers. Their Wii Motion Plus add-on? They didn't tell anyone about it until they announced it at E3. Lucasarts was pissed; it would have been perfect for their clone wars game.

But as it is, I really don't play it much at all. It has Fire Emblem on it though, and that's really the only reason I need. And I'd love to get the Strongbad game series once it's finished.

My fiancee's son loves the Wii, too, so it's good to have for when he's around.

unit-1978 said...

yeah its a good sytem, its got its niche games, but as you stated the way they dont alienate third party developers and pretty much dont care about online gaming what so ever I dont have a reason to buy a Wii. Everything I like and play is on the 360 and PS3. A big selling point for me is online play so again since there not big supporters of online play they lost me when the Gamecube came out. That was my last Nintendo system.

Everyone I talk to that has one says the same thing they bought it for 1 or 2 games and now they dont play it. I have a friend that says its become a magazine rack...as he stacks all his stuff on it.

Its good for casual gamers and children and that niche game that comes out. Nintendo is still a good company, I just dont prefer to game on there machines anymore. Id still say there great innovators in the game industry.

Kris said...

Oh, I agree. I really respect Nintendo as a company, but they need to learn to work with others (so to speak). It really hurts them that they're so unwilling to work with other developers on their systems. Their lack of online play is a huge downfall; or rather the fact that they've waited so incredibly long to get it started. They passed over some games that would have had great online play had they allowed it. But it's a VERY family friendly system, which is why it's also so gosh darn difficult to play their online games online.

They're finally getting into voice chat with their new Wii Speak, which they fortunately decided to package WITH the Animal Crossing game instead of separately. Hopefully it will get incorporated into Smash Bros. as well but...well you never know with Nintendo.

So like I said, I think they're a great company too, but they really limit their OWN innovation as well as the ability for people other than Nintendo to use it effectively. And it really hurts them and keeps them from becoming a major console like the Play Station or the Xbox.

I'd say I play my DS the most, but my PS2 still gets a LOT of play, and my 360 sees plenty of use. But my Wii just...well I use it when I want to play GC games so I don't have to shuffle around consoles, and like I said, it has Fire Emblem, and I won't be kept away from my FE. :)