KH Re: CoM for NA

YES. Finally! w00t!

Via Kotaku (and probably lots of other places as well; it's big news!)

The remake of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the PS2 will be coming to the states. Unfortunately this is NOT Final Mix, it's just the CoM part. But hey, that's something! The GBA game sucked so much ass; I'm hoping it will be better in full 3D (now complete with lots of voice acting from Haley Joel Osment).

To top it off, the game will launch at a friendly $29.99!

Maybe now I can actually make it through the whole damn game. I always got stuck in Never Land on the GBA.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Chain of Memories was originally released for the GBA 2004. The game takes place between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. If you've played KH2, but not CoM, note that the intro to KH2 (with all the characters running around on the staircase, and what would be an unfamiliar looking blonde girl in a white dress) is a quick glance of what happens to Sora in CoM. So if that at all confused you, well, now you can play a hopefully more user friendly version of the game to fill in the story gaps. As another note, if you were not previously aware, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix was a "final mix" of Kingdom Hearts (they do this with some of their Final Fantasy games, too) AND a remade version of Chain of Memories (on the same game) that released in Japan oh...early last year? Maybe late the year before? I'm too lazy to check and it doesn't much matter. Final Mix would have been preferable, obviously, but better this than nothing.


Stier said...

Final Mix was released on the first months of 2007.


I liked Chain of Memories
The battle system was very challenging, and the story was pretty nifty

Kris said...

I really hated it. I honestly thought it was one of the worst games ever. It gave me nothing but trouble. I was really interested in the story, but the gameplay was ridiculous and I never got anywhere. I'm hoping that in a 3D model it will be easier to control. Because I remember that part of my problem was that there wasn't enough room on the screen for me to maneuver properly, and I kept getting my ass kicked.