Vampire Knight Season 2 trailer

It's up on the official website. It looks great, and I love the new song ("Rondo" by ON/OFF, the two gorgeous twin brothers who did the opening for the first season). Very catchy. Though Still Doll (the ending from the first season) will probably always be among my favorites. The second season is called Vampire Knight Guilty, which is appropriate, as it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit that I watch it (and I read the manga as well, which is a little better as it gives you more story where the anime feels choppy, but I love the animation and the colors of the show). So please don't tell anyone. ^_^

At the end of season 1, pure blooded vampire Kaname murdered another pure blood for a mix of reasons. Partly to protect Yuuki, partly to free himself, partly for her power, and probably partly just because he felt like it.
He then offered his blood to Zero, which, if I understood the mythology correctly, should prevent him from becoming a Level E (although the character who revealed that could have been lying). We'll see, I guess. The manga that's been released in the states hasn't surpassed the anime (they're at about the same place, though I'm sure the anime will out pace it here once it starts up again; it's up to volume 7 in Japan, and volume 5 will come out here in September, but I'm not sure how many total volumes there will end up being).
Anyway, I guess we'll know come October.

I thought I had reviewed the first season, but it seems I didn't get around to it. I'll probably re-watch the first season before October, so I'll try to get a review up of it then.

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