A Quarter of a Century

This Sunday I will turn a quarter of a century year old. That seems like an awful long time when it's put that way, but it feels very short to me. Especially when you consider that I spent 18 of those years toiling away in school.

Anyway, because I'm spoiled and self-centered, the entire weekend is a birthday celebration. Typically I declare my birthday for an entire week, as it usually falls somewhere mid-week, but this year it falls on a weekend day. Of course, all this really means is that I will be spoiled far more than usual (which I love, of course), and will be busy maybe spending some money, playing with new toys, and hanging out with some friends. All I'm officially planning right now is to have a few friends over on Sunday to play some video games and hang out. We've got Mario Party, Smash Brothers Brawl, Halo 3, and some group board games. I'm also planning on baking a cake and maybe making some of my famous cheese dip.

What this means is that I'll probably fall even further behind with my anime reviews (I've actually been a horrible little reviewer and watching continuing episodes of ongoing shows instead of checking out all the new stuff that keeps piling up on my HD...oops). My forum modding will be absent for a while (even though I've been slacking lately; hope SPAM hasn't gotten out of control as I haven't been in there for a couple of weeks...oops again).

I think I had more to say but...Bubble Boy is on TV. And as horrible and cheesy a movie as it is, Jake Gyllenhaal is super adorable. By the way, in case anyone didn't know yet, Gyllenhaal is going to be playing the Prince in the upcoming Prince of Persia movie. Can we say YUM? Running around possibly (hopefully) topless, swinging his sword around at nasty monsters.... Oh man, I can't wait!


Stier said...

Well, then I'll wish you a happy birthday on Sunday =D. Hope you'll have a great weekend with all those who love you, and want to spoil you.
25 huh? Pretty young, I turned 22 last saturday, but it felt like 30 XD.
BTW, I downloaded the first episode of Nodame Cantabile's Live Action and I liked it =3. Seems we have similar tastes.

Panther said...

Wow happy birthday in advance. Same age as you, but not yet hit my birthday. Lol yeah, I feel damn old though.

unit-1978 said...

lol, you guys make me laugh, I turned 30 last month and I feel young as can be. My figure collection keeps growing...its just a number Kris. Dont let the number get to you. Well have a happy birthday and a great weekend.
I always will wait for your reviews. Reviews can wait, enjoy your birthday.

Stier said...

I don´t feel bad about the age, you misunderstood. Age is just that, a number. The experience I have gained in my whole life is more than I thought I could get, so i don't complain about my age.

Stier said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Kris said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
As a note, I do have enough money for that Rei Ayanami You're (Not) Alone statue I've been craving.... But the Revoltech Fraulein figures just hit Diamond Previews, and they look great. Curse the unbelievable milking of the Evangelion franchise!


And I know it's just a number. My fiancee is um...31? He likes to remind me every time I feel old that I'm not old at all compared to him. :)

Kris said...

Hmm...the link didn't really hold, did it? Let's try that again

unit-1978 said...

Kris, I have a friend who has the Rei revoltech figure and I have to say its pretty nice. There bigger than the revoltech robots so for the price you cant beat them. I know they have bandaged Rei coming out soon. I think shes on pre-order now.

The link you have up there must have them on back order cause that Rei has been out for a while.

Again, Happy Birthday!!

xJAYMANx said...

Sorry I'm late! Including yourself, I know 5 different girls (online and not) with August b-days~ hard to keep track! Happy belated birthday! Now I gotta wish Koshiko the same belated thing, lol. ^_^;