K-On! is a simple, 12 episode (with a special) high school girls anime from Kyoto Animation (AIR, Lucky Star, Haruhi). A lot of people raved about this show, and it is a cute little thing, but there are other things to spend your time on. It is VERY cute, charming, and funny. I think it's a fantastic show for girls, and for guys who like this sort of show (like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Sasami Magical Girls Club). There's nary a boy to be seen in this one; it's pretty much all girls, all the time. But don't expect a lot of fan service. There's some (the girls dress up in costumes on a couple occasions, and go to the beach twice), but it's not cluttered with pantie shots and the like (though there is the rare camera focusing on a boob shot of the more well-endowed characters). It's good, clean fun for the most part.

K-On! follows four (and later 5 with freshman Azusa) high school girls who form a Light Music Club at their school. The club is started by bass player Mio and drummer Ritsu, and keyboardist Tsumugi (Mugi) joins soon after. Desperately in search of another member, or else their club will be disbanded, the group eagerly welcomes straggler (and often times slacker) Yui into their fold, not knowing that she can't actually play any instruments. Miraculously Yui is rather adept at guitar, and the group bands together to find her her own instrument, and teach her how to play.

The show is less about the music and the band than it is about the girls' friendships, so don't watch it expecting Beck Mongolian Chop Squad for girls. There's no mysterious story here (like Haruhi), no romance (like AIR), no otaku humor (like Lucky Star). It's just a group of cute and rather silly girls goofing off, having tea and cakes, and occasionally playing some music. So, it's more like Azumanga Daioh with guitars. There's even a fantastically entertaining teacher who becomes their club advisor.

A lot of people seemed to have compared the show to Lucky Star, and for good reason, though I personally likened it more to Azumanga Daioh (with guitars, complete with a girl who likes cats, a rich smart girl, a loud tom boy, and a goofy teacher). Although, when I saw Lucky Star, my first impression was "Oh, it's like AD," so.... Take that how you will, I guess.

The show is well animated (wouldn't expect anything less from KyoAni), and the girls are irresistibly adorable (especially Mio and Mugi), though somewhat archetypal/cliche. I wouldn't rush out to watch it, but I wouldn't disregard it either. Jay-san has some good images/wallpapers from the show over in his K-ON post. The title of the show comes from the name of their club, the Light Music Club (which is more like light pop, not orchestrations).


xJAYMANx said...

@Kris-chan: Heyyy, we actually agree on something! And thanx for the mention. I wonder if in 6-to-12 months, the crazier "K-On!" fanatics will look back and ask themselves: "How did we ever like that series?"

aprilius20 said...

Ah, now it's your turn for a K-On! review. I wonder when I'm going to get to it, considering the fact that it's pretty low on my list.

That said, it's been quite fun reading all the different reviews of the show- Gordonator's 'food review', Mimi's 'rants', Jay's 'wallpaper gallery', and now yours too- all you need to know, without spoilers, hehe:)

Ahh, Beck. Now there's one show with excellent music^^

Kris said...

Haha, is that really a first for us to agree on something? :)
I think part of the uproar was that it's KyoAni, and KyoAni has quite the following. It's like Kevin Smith fans going "Kevin Smith can do no wrong," even after Jersey Girl. Except that KyoAni hasn't actually made any shows that were terrible. They've all been good, but they have not all been amazing.
But there is a certain charm to K-On! I think the friendships between the girls are presented very well, and for that, it's great. There's just not much to the story.

Yes, it was my turn. :) It had been sitting on my HDD forever, so it was about time. There's no rush to bump it up, really. Unless you just want to watch and write about it when everyone else is, lol.

And yes, Beck has amazing music. I need to watch it again. After I finish Black Lagoon (again) maybe.