Things to do

Reviews to write:
Kino's Journey
Twelve Kingdoms
Elfen Lied
Afro Samurai
Solty Rei
Telepathy Ran
Allison and Lilia
The Great Happiness Space
Talk about Manga-ka (Takaya, Hino, Nakamura)
Midori Days
Legend of Crystania

Shows to watch:
Finish Tales of the Abyss
Finish Clannad After Story
Finish Skip Beat
Finish Natsume Yujin-Cho
Watch Vampire Knight Guilty
Finish Nodame Paris
Finish Chrno Crusade (again)
Start Burst Angel
Catch up with Mushi-Shi
Xenosaga the Animation
Finish Battlestar Galactica

Finish Trigun Maximum
Start re-reading Fruits Basket to get ready for final volume
Finish A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Start A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire

Finish Last Remnant
Finish Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
Restart Assassin's Creed

Drool over End of Eternity screen shots and trailer.
Pretend there's amazing footage for the new Assassin's Creed, even though it's all cryptic nonsense.
Drool over the awesome preview spread in new Game Informer instead.
Be jealous of Japan yet again.
Play Last Remnant and forget to do everything else.


Anonymous said...

Mmm... I'd gladly take over your to-do list:)
Ah well, such pleasures will have to wait. Life in my way again, bah.

Kris said...

Life tends to do that. :)

Well, and I did leave out the laundry, dish washing, mopping, comic bagging/boarding/organizing, and assorted chores. But really, who wants to think about those?

Stier said...

That's a lot of stuff to do. You can do it!!! =3