Ace Attorney DSi

Via Kotaku.

Nintendo and Capcom are releasing a DSi bundle in Japan for the new Ace Attorney game based on Miles Edgeworth. I WANT. But it will never, ever be released here. The DSi, I mean. The game will, certainly, but that DSi will never come here.

Not that it's anything grand. It's just a decal of the Blue Badger police mascot, with some fancy text, on an otherwise plain white DSi. I'd settle for a decal sticker that I could place on my own DS. Pop that in the video game case, please. Instant "premium edition" DS without having to buy another one.

Still doesn't compare to the limited edition game bundles that will never see the light of day in the States. The one for Apollo Justice came with headphones, a DS cartridge dictionary, and a DVD of animated sequences from the games all in a fancy box. It's just not fair.

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