Do You Play Animal Crossing?

Are you over the age of 16? Then congratulations: You're a pedophile.

From Game Politics:

An investigator from a Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force said:
"There is no reason an adult should have [Animal Crossing: City Folk]," says Andy Anderson, Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force.

Anderson says adults playing "Animal Crossing" and similar games are likely doing it for the wrong reasons.

Now they way I understood the Wii to work, is that when playing online games, you have to have a person's friend code. Maybe this changed for City Folk? Otherwise, these kids aren't talking to people they don't already know. I know on the DS you have to know the town name and the friend code.

That aside. Seriously, WTF? Adults can't play one of the most popular Nintendo games ever made? I guess we also shouldn't be playing Viva Pinata, Super Mario Galaxy, Lego Star Wars, or Kingdom Hearts (all E rated). What, those are some of your favorite games? Um, excuse me for just a moment while I make a phone call; you just wait right there....

I guess E for Everyone means E for everyone under 17.


xJAYMANx said...

@Kris-chan: LOL. Well, when you grow up with a name like "Andy Anderson", I guess reality takes on a twisted hue...

P.S. Oddly my anti-spam captcha is "priestio", lol. >_<

Stier said...

Watch this


Do you still think animal crossing is for kids ?

Kris said...

Yeah really....
For an Internet Task Force, they don't seem to be doing their research very well. If your kid is on the Wii getting contact from sexual predators.... Well, they sure didn't meet them via the Wii. They gave out a friend code, and accepted a friend code. It's not as simple as logging on and having access to everyone in the world, like on the 360.

Personally I think AC is totally cute. I've played it on the 'cube and the DS.