A slow start

If my lovely readers are still checking in, I'm sorry for a slow few weeks. I'm in the middle of several things, and once they're done I'll have some things to talk about again. Moon Phase and School Rumble are within a week or 2 of completion (Jay, I did decide to finish them, despite my early grumblings). Though due to some mail box and post office shenanigans the shows coming through on my Netflix list have been slow and a little mixed up. Was hoping to have both .hack//Sign and .hack//Legend of Twilight finished by now, but it's going to take a bit longer before I can get started on The Twelve Kingdoms.

The FUNimation channel is premiering a Tenchi Muyo spin off starting Monday morning: Sasami Magical Girls Club (9 am Eastern in between Peach Girl and Suzuka). Will be checking that out, and Suzuka when it comes around to the first episode again.

I still want to talk about Kuroshitsuji, and will do that later today or tomorrow. Also Telepathy Shojou Ran (I don't think I ever did a full review of the show), which I just finished. And I also want to make mention of Natsume Yuujinchou, a series with a second season now being shown on the website Crunchyroll (the first season should be hosted there as well). So I really do have plenty of things to talk about, I just need to put down the Xbox controller long enough to do so.


xJAYMANx said...

@Kris: LOL, in a way, I'm glad I don't have XBOX. So why the change of heart? And should I assume all 3 seasons of "School Rumble"?

P.S. If u ever put down the controller, u should check out my "Blog 182 > Year of Anime" a couple posts ago.

Kris said...

I have the unfortunate habit of wanting to finish (almost) everything I start. Even if it's awful. Though there are a select few things that were so bad I couldn't bring myself to finish (or I just had zero interest in them).

Moonphase isn't all bad...just everything with Hazuki. :) School Rumble isn't all bad either...just every scene with Tenma in it, though I'm not sure if I could make it through all 3 seasons. As I'm relying on Funimation's station for this one...I'm not even sure if they're airing all three seasons.

I've just been crazy with the Dynasty Warriors 6 lately, and I restarted a new game of Lost Odyssey recently, and picked up The Last Remnant over the weekend. So I've been kind of glued to the 360 lately. Which means I'm soooo behind with my anime watching. On the computer anyway; I've fallen way behind on almost everything.

I will be sure to check out your post though!

xJAYMANx said...

@GG: Actually, I don't think finishing a series is such a bad thing. I try to do that too. Haha, Hazuki and Tenma, I guess u don't like the clueless, clutzy yet cute character. Well, better stay clear of "Zero no Tsukaima", "Hayate no Gotoku", "Shakugan no Shana" and any other series with an immature indecisive girl, so u don't start them, lol.

Soooo behind? It just depends on your expectations. Just lower it to a dozen titles per year, and you're fine, lol. Meanwhile, I'll stick to my 50 per year!

unit-1978 said...

never put the controller down Kris,lol. Gamer for life!!

Kris said...

Actually I loved Hayate no Gotoku. Nagi is adorable. Tenma and Hazuki though? Some of the most annoying characters I've ever seen. Hazuki has her moments (and she'd be so much better without the stupid, pointless cat ears), but Tenma has no redeeming qualities at all. She's just annoying, moronic, clutzy, ditzy, and just about the farthest thing from cute. Though I have to admit here that it might be due in some part to her horrid English voice over. But a better voice still wouldn't get me to like her basic character, I don't think.

Well...I haven't even started watching the second season of Vampire Knight, I've fallen behind on Clannad, there are a handful of shows I never even got around to starting.... I did finally finish Earl and Fairy, Telepathy Shojou Ran...and I'm pretty much caught up with Tales, Nodame, Skip Beat, Kuroshitsuji...and uh, that's about all I've gotten to, really.

^_^ I totally just spent my evening playing Lost Odyssey.

xJAYMANx said...

@GG-Kris: Ahh, the dub, that could be it. The voice is half the personality!

I avoid the English dubs at all costs. I've probably seen no more than 3 titles in English (out of 55) in the last 12 months. And only cuz 2 of them had no original Japanese-audio version (i.e. Gotham Knight and Afro Samurai).

If I remember, Tenma-chan's voice was especially cute when poking fun at her friends. Like when she purses her lips, hehe. Or when she bursts out like Nodame, lol. ^o^

P.S. But Nagi has her annoying moments too. ^_^