Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

What can I say about Tsubasa Chronicle other than talk about how charming and fantastic it is. Every single episode is completely heartbreaking, yet it's a real joy to watch for just that reason.

Princess Sakura and young Syaoran are childhood friends (and you know where that tends to lead, and this series is no different). Syaoran's adoptive father was an archeologist for Sakura's kingdom but he died prior to the events in the series, and Syaoran has since taken up his father's work uncovering a set of vast ruins not far from the castle. One night as Syaoran is investigating some deeper parts of the ruins, Sakura appears, called there by some mysterious force. Syaoran thinks little of it, and is indeed happy to see her, until she activates some sort of seal and vanishes. Syaoran runs through the ruins to find Sakura floating in front of a similar seal, and arrives just in time to see wings sprout from her back. As she begins to slowly be absorbed by a dimensional portal, Syaoran jumps up to save her, knocking her to the ground and causing the feathers on her wings to scatter. Sakura falls into a coma and Syaoran learns that the feathers were Sakura's spirit, or more specifically, her memories. Without them she will fade and die. The king's adviser Yukito sends Syaoran off to visit the Dimensional Witch, where he arrives simultaneously with a mage named Fay and a warrior named Kurogane, both from separate dimensions.

The Dimensional Witch offers to aid the three (four if you count Sakura, but she's not the one asking for aid since she's unconscious). Syaoran wants to recover Sakura's feathers, Fay is running away from something, and Kurogane wants to return home. However the Witch doesn't do anything for free, and so she asks a steep price from each of them - the thing they value the most. Fay gives up a strange tattoo on his back, Kurogane gives up his sword, and (and this is the worst of all), Syaoran gives up all of Sakura's memories of him. This means that no matter how many feathers they find, and even once they have all of them, Sakura will NEVER remember who Syaoran really is, and will never remember the time they spent together. The Witch gives them a creature named Mokona in exchange, which teleports them across dimensions and can also detect the presence of Sakura's feathers.

What makes the series so heartbreaking is that Sakura really can't remember Syaoran at all. Often when a feather is returned to her, the memory associated with it will play in her mind...with a specific person conspicuously absent. She knows someone should be there, because she'll remember speaking to someone, but it's like she's talking to the air, or an empty chair. And anytime she starts to remember him, or tries to remember him, her mind locks up and she forgets what she was trying to remember in the first place. Nearly every episode brings tears to my eyes.

Aside from a really lovely story, the show is very well animated. It's a CLAMP series, and there are a lot of cross over characters from series like Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, Angelic Layer, X and Tokyo Babylon. The music is composed by Yuki Kajiura, who is probably best known as the composer for the Xenosaga video games (episodes 2 and 3), and the various .hack// anime series. In my experience with her music, she seems to be a bit of a one trick pony, using the same musical tricks and stylings over and over again in everything she does. Now, she does this VERY well, don't get me wrong; but it seems to be about the only thing she can do. Still, it's effective in this series, even if various themes are overused from time to time.

So far the series (in animated form) consists of 52 episodes (two 26 episode seasons), a three episode OVA, a movie, and another OVA that will appear in the spring of 2009. FUNimation has the license for the 52 episode series and the movie. FUNimation is still in the process of releasing the DVDs. Volume 10 will come out in just a few days, and covers up to episode 44. Volume 11 is scheduled for a February release. The movie has already been released alongside the xxxHolic film A Midsummer Night's Dream. To that effect, I have not seen the entire series. As usual, I watched it via the FUNimation channel, which only played the series through episode 26 (the end of the first season). Still, that was plenty enough to make me want to see the rest of the series. On that note, I should mention that the English dubbing is, for the greater part, well done. The only real objection I have is the voice of Sakura, which I have an extreme distaste for, particularly when she sings (it's Monica Rial, who seems to do fine when she's not doing airy, little girl voices). It's a strong show all around though, and I highly recommend at least checking out the first few episodes. The story secrets and plot twists are revealed very slowly throughout the series, and the pacing is pretty good, but this means you'll be a little clueless from time to time (and sometimes the characters are far slower on the uptake than you will be). If you're a CLAMP fan, then it's certainly a must see. I myself have only seen a few of their shows (Chobits, X, and now Tsubasa), and haven't yet read any of their manga (except a couple volumes of Chobits), but I've enjoyed each of them.

Image: Left to right are - Fay, Yuko (Dimension Witch), Black Mokona, Sakura, Syaoran, Mokona, Kurogane and Princess Tomoyo.


xJAYMANx said...

@GG: Hah, without reading too much, finally added it to my Netflix. Plus BitTorrent. Especially now, since I loved the CLAMP style in "Code Geass".

Kris said...

If that's the case, I should note that Geass is not a CLAMP series; they only did the character designs for the show. The show or series itself (meaning the story) was not created by them.

And I should also remind you, in case you didn't read that far, that the entire series is not yet out on DVD. One volume comes out tomorrow I believe, another in February...and that's not the end of the series. I'd say (including the two about to be released) that there are about 4-6 more volumes that need to be released before the series in completed in the US.

xJAYMANx said...

@GG: Yeah, I know about "Geass". Despite the Season 2 rewriting fiasco, still love the CLAMP style... And about "Tsubasa", I know that too. But God knows I'm not in a hurry to watch both seasons. Let alone the OVAs, lol.

After all, I still gotta catch up with my "Minami-ke - S2", "Zero no Tsukaima - S3", "Nodame Cantabile - S2", "Vampire Knight - Guilty", "Hellsing Ultimate" and "Clannad - After Story" downloads, plus my "Rurouni Kenshin" Netflix's. So it'll definitely take a while, lol. Not to mention preparing another huge blog post this week, gahhh...

Kris said...

Haha, I know what you mean! I think I'm relatively caught up with most of the shows I started (except C:After Story), but there are a couple I wanted to watch and haven't even started yet, like VK: Guilty and EF: A Tale of Melodies.

Through Netflix I'm going through the .hack//Sign and then Legend of Twilight series, followed by Twelve Kingdoms, which is 10 discs. Plus I'm watching School Rumble and Moon Phase on FUNimation's channel, though I don't how much longer I'll bother. I'm not liking either of them much at all.

xJAYMANx said...

@GG: Really? I really liked "Tsukuyomi Moon Phase" and oh man, "School Rumble" is one of my favorite high-school drama-comedies of all! Both seasons plus the S3 OVAs, lol.

Hmm, you're the 2nd person (after Meimi132) to mention "Ef". Maybe I should add "Tale of Melodies" to my infinite list, lol.

Kris said...

Well, I'm only 2-3 episodes into both Moon Phase and School Rumble...but I already hate them both, which is not a good sign.
Still, I'll give them a chance. Maybe they'll miraculously get better. I can certainly tolerate Moon Phase more than I can School Rumble; the lead girl of SR is a terrible character, in my opinion. She's not at all interesting.

I've only seen one episode of E.F., but it looks like a beautiful little show, and the plot was interesting. It feels like a visual novel, and it might be based on one (I never got around to checking on that). Some strange, dark plot lines.

Stier said...

Happy new year !!! =3

Kris said...

Aw, thank you dear. You too!

I will post soon detailing my lovely Christmas haul.