Holiday Updates (2008)

Well the year is almost over. I'm busy cleaning house, going to family gatherings, baking, gaming (in 4, count 'em, FOUR RPG games now, sheesh...2 D&D, one Warhammer, 1 Star Wars), wrapping presents, and trying not to freeze my ass off when I go outside to do laundry. My hands are really dry, so this season is hell on my skin, and my knuckles are all crackly (and occasionally actually bleeding), so handling wet clothes outside in 40 degree weather isn't fun (and though it hasn't quite hit that yet, it will within the next day or so...I got a weather alert for "icy rain" for tomorrow morning, hooray). Fun times. And I'm sure everyone wanted to know that. :)

Basilisk is just about over. There can't be too much more; there's only 3 characters (out of 20) that are still alive. So expect a review of that soon (I liked it for the most part). I did finish Peach Girl. I still don't like it. Momo chose the right guy, in my opinion, but the process it took to get her there was absurd. But saying she actually "chose" between the two is a little overstated. Especially considering the reasons she jumped from one to the other to begin with. For a show aimed at teenage girls, it teaches them really horrible morals and ideas.

And while I won't review it yet, I will say that Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles is pretty fantastic. Nearly every episode brings a tear to my eye; the entire series is just so heartbreaking.

I'm nearly finished with Infinite Undiscovery, I think. I seem to be at the end of the game. Or the ending chapter at least, if not the final area.

And why did I just see Harrison Ford getting a chest wax? Some crazy climate change, deforestation, conservation something or other analogy. Odd...oddly sexy. Moving on.

My love/hate relationship with Anime News Network aside, the site is a really great place for news. Here's some interesting new shows coming our way (or Japan's way, I guess) within the next year:

In fall 2009, yet another CLAMP series will be getting the anime treatment. This time it's Kobato.

April brings us the new Full Metal Alchemist series. If I understand correctly, this is a revamping of the series, and not simply a sequel. The series previously produced strayed from the manga in its second half (I believe because it got ahead of the manga, as often happens), and this series is supposed to follow the manga more faithfully.

Now, I actually found this show rather cute and charming, if sappy and a little cheesey. La Corda D'Oro is getting a second series, Secondo Passo (the first was Primo Passo). It's reported as a "special," so I'm not sure if that means a single episode or a full season.

The story of Nodame and Chiaki will also continue into next fall, with another Paris season of Nodame Cantabile. I don't read the manga, and the current season is still ongoing, so I'm not sure how the seasons will break up the story. It's a great show though, and every bit of it is worth waiting for and watching.

Alright, it's nearly 3 pm and I'm still in my PJs, so I think it's time to get up and do something a little more productive. Like change and play more Infinite Undiscovery.


Stier said...

Well, look who's back n__n, really missed ya

Kris said...

Hey now, I did a Peach Girl review like...a week ago! I think.

Stier said...

yeah, but it was too much of a sugar coated show for me XD

Kris said...

That's true. It wasn't very good anyway. :)