My 360 just bit the dust. Got the Red Ring of Death. It lasted a lot longer than most.

I blame Fable 2.


unit-1978 said...

lol, wow Kris...I dont mean to laugh, but yeah Im on my 3rd. Thank god for warranties at best buy. I blame mine on Call of Duty 4. http://unit-1978.blogspot.com/2008/08/red-ring-of-death.html

Kris said...

Nah it's OK. This was our first. We've had it for over a year. We got it in um...May of last year. But we bought a warranty at GameStop, so they'll just switch it out for me...but I have to pay another $50 for a new warranty, which sucks.

I was just wandering around Bowerstone, went to go into a new area, and "BZZZZT" and my screen went completely black.

"Fuck." I say. Must be the game; everyone is having similar problems. Turn it back on, pop in Dynasty Warriors 6 to test if it's the game or the box. Got about 10 seconds into a level and "BZZZT" screen freezes.

"Oh Shit." I say. Turn it off, turn it back on. Dynasty Warriors boots up, and it goes "BZZZT" during the into and freezes.

Turn it off, turn it back on. "BZZZT" before the 360 logo even appears. Reboot. Then "BZZZT" during the logo. Reboot. Then RROD.

unit-1978 said...

Yeah I ended having to update my warrany also so I spent another $50 also when mine blew out. Yeah I was lucky also. My fist one lasted a little over a year then went dead. Then I had another that got burned out in a bad thunderstorm here. So 3's a charm. Good luck to you :)

Stier said...

People in the USA are so lucky. When my 360 suffered from a RROD I called Microsoft, and they told me "Awwwww, to bad you live in Costa Rica, better luck next time ¬¬"

Kris said...

Really? That sucks that they won't honor it in a different country. I guess they don't want you mailing it from so far, internationally. You don't have a gamestop or something out there where you could have bought a warranty?