Happy Thanksgiving

I'd like to apologize to my handful of lovely readers for really dropping the ball over the past week (and this week!). I've been busy trying to unlock as much crap as possible in Dynasty Warriors 6. In fact, I will probably review the game soon. There are also at least 2 more shows from this fall season I want to take a look at (or rather give you a look at), Kuroshitsuji and e.f. A Tale of Melodies. One is sort of a cross between Hellsing and Majin Tantei Nougamu Neuro, and the other flows like a visual novel (and may very well be based on one; I'll have to look into it).

But for now, all I can do is report on Crunchyroll's newest acquisition - Naruto Shippuden. I am also happy to report that fansubbing group Dattebayo will cease their work on the show when Crunchyroll launches it in January. If you're interested (I'm not), starting January 15, in conjunction with Viz Media, Crunchyroll will begin airing Naruto with English subtitles 1 hour after their Japanese broadcast...for a monthly subscription fee. You can view them for free a week after they air. Joost and Hulu will be also be airing the episodes, as will Naruto.com. It's a fantastic step in the right direction for companies to compete with fansubs (instead of trying to stop them while doing nothing to replace them). Hopefully some better shows will be getting the treatment as well (they did this with Strike Witches, I believe, during the summer, and there are other shows that will get the treatment from this season starting in 2009 as well, including Skip Beat!). I hope it works out well for them.

But for now, I won't have time to write up anything review-like before I'm busy visiting family this weekend. Hopefully next week I'll have time to sit down and work on some things.
For now, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Jax said...

"I am also happy to report that fansubbing group Dattebayo will cease their work on the show"

Not sure I'm happy about that. Dattebayo did a fine job and did it quickly. Sure they are assholes from time to time, but they have that right since they provide a FREE service that no one else would provide and then people turn around and bitch at them if Naruto isn't out on time. If anything I'm happy for them that they no longer have to put up with these selfish people.

Although i'm sad because I enjoyed watching them without ads and in decent quality, now i'm going to be forced to no doubtingly watch ads along with crappy stream quality....Oh happy day!

Kris said...

The quality isn't that bad, honestly. The ads suck, but they're very short and they're few.

I'm sure DB did a fine job, but the thing is, fansubs exist because there's no other way for fans to watch the shows they want to watch (pre-licensing). So I'm happy to see that DB respects that and isn't just offering it for free to "leachers" or whatever.

Though I have a feeling that if the quality is bad, DB may return to fansubbing. But it would have to be really bad, I think.

Stier said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Well, in my country we don't celebrate it, but meh, i can still wish a happy one for you =D