Update: Securom

If you read my earlier news post that talked about the gamer lash out against Spore and EA's DRM, here's an update direct from EA itself.

In an apparent response, EA has declared that they will still be using the DRM (in regards to the upcoming game Red Alert 3), but you will get a whole whopping FIVE installations, instead of three. Um...yay?

As Kotaku rightly notes, this is not a developer decision; it is EA's. So if you wish to protest this, either don't buy these games at all (and hopefully you won't pirate them either; unless you first buy the game then pirate it anyway because you want your copy to actually work), or if you own the proper console, buy it for that instead of for the PC. This way their PC sales fall, but the game still gets sold and played (which will make developers happy). It's hard to punish a company without also punishing the developers, but there are ways.

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