Samurai Champloo disc 3

Mugen kicks some butt for two episodes, Jin falls in love, and Fuu's privacy is invaded.
Disc three includes episodes 9-12: "Beatbox Bandits," "Lethal Lunacy," "Gamblers and Gallantry," and "The Disorder Diaries." In the extras section, there are some sketches and drawings of the main characters. Emotional facial poses and such, which is pretty common for this sort of extra feature.

Beatbox Bandits:
It's time to pass through the Hakone checkpoint. Unfortunately our misfit crew doesn't have the proper papers that allow passage through the gate. Conveniently they happen upon a scalper selling passports, but the gate guards immediately realize they're fake and all three are arrested. The official at the checkpoint has a tendency to execute...well anyone and everyone who isn't strictly allowed to completely legally pass through the checkpoint. In fact, this checkpoint has a reputation for not allowing anyone through who isn't supposed to go through. Mugen, Jin and Fuu are no exception. The officers receive a letter requesting a certain prisoner with a warrant, but he's already dead. In exchange for their freedom (after all, they were unaware their passports were fake), Mugen is asked to deliver the head of the prisoner by sunset. Mugen confidently sets off on this task, trailed by an officer named Yamane (who is narrating the entire event as a flashback). However Mugen quickly runs into a group of renegade warrior priests who are intending to start a revolution for peace with - believe it or not - their very large field of marijuana.

Lethal Lunacy:
Another Mugen centered episode. In exchange for food and lodging, the three constantly starving wanderers are coerced into cleaning and repairing an old monk's temple. Jin and Fuu seem adept at this, but Mugen grows restless and sets off after a rumor of a skilled swordsman who has been openly killing people in the streets of the town. He finds him easily, and, as usual, jumps at the chance for a fight. But this is not ordinary swordsman; he attacks not with his sword but with his inner Ki in a wind attack that slices his victims. The fight is interrupted (but they agree to continue another night), and Mugen returns, slightly injured and confused. When the monk hears the story, we find out that he is not who he seems, but indeed used to be a warrior and once taught the killer named Shouryuu. Mugen, clearly aware that he can't beat this guy at his current strength, begins to train rigorously until the appointed time when he and Shouryuu will meet again. It's Mugen at his best in amazing animation.

Gamblers and Gallantry:
In the next town, the party splits up to find way to earn cash. Mugen discovers beetle sumo wrestling, Fuu lands a waitress job, and Jin works at a kabayaki stand. It seems Jin didn't really think this through, as he appears to have no cooking talent what so ever. Fortunately for him a mysterious woman named Shino (whom he had met on a bridge moments before) appears and offers to help him. Jin is amazed by her cooking ability and her gentle nature, and is instantly taken with her. But at the end of the evening, Shino leaves Jin, explaining that tomorrow she will start work at a brothel to pay off her husband's gambling debts. When he gets back home, he finds Mugen boasting over his beetle sumo winnings, which he then "borrows" saying he is going to buy a woman. Jin, clearly in love and saddened by Shino's situation, declares that they should run away together. Shino refuses, believing that they will only be chased down until they are found. After seeing Shino's husband yell at her and smack her around, declaring she will always be a prostitute and he will live off her earnings, Jin decides that he must get Shino out of her disastrous marriage and comes up with a plan to send her across the river to a sanctuary for women.

The Disorder Diaries:
A very straight forward episode. Mugen and Jin come across Fuu's diary, and decide to read it in hopes of finding out some information on the Sunflower Samurai (which Fuu has refused to give them). Fuu's diaries chronicles their journeys up to this point, so the episode is basically a recap special. The boys note that certain parts of the story are excluded, but that Fuu is always certain to make mention of the food they ate that day. She occasionally makes comments on Mugen and Jin's uselessness, stating that she can't believe all the times she's been kidnapped. There's little more than that. Fuu's take on events and Jin and Mugen's reactions. But it's very well done and makes for an entertaining recap episode.


unit-1978 said...

The Gamblers and Gallantry episode is really good to me cause Jin kinda becomes that hero of morality. Like should he get involved or should he let it go. Just an all around good episode.

When I get some time Im going to have to pop these back in the dvd player and watch them again. Your making me want to watch them again!!! XD

Kris said...

Well, that's the point, isn't it? :) If I'm encouraging interest (or renewed interest) then that means I'm doing something right.

unit-1978 said...

lol, your exactly right. Fantastic, mission complete!!!