Good to Bad

Let's start with the good news. Gambit is finally going to appear in an X-Men movie. Specifically X-Men Origins: Wolverine. From the mouth of Hugh Jackman, the clawed mutant himself. It's this fellow right here, named Taylor Kitsch. I've never seen anything he's been in, so I can't tell if he'll be good in the role or not. He's pretty enough, though. Though I have to say that they get some really horrible actors for these X-Men movies.... They get some great ones too (Ian McKellin, Kelsey Grammer), but they're drowned in a sea of bad acting.

Now for some maybe news. As in maybe it's good, maybe it's horrid. Hollywood (the horrid part) is making a live action Cowboy Bebop (the possibly good part). I've always thought the show would translate well into a live action version, but I'm not so sure that I want Hollywood to touch something I hold so dear.
As terrified as I am, I do have some casting suggestions. Though to be honest, a lot of the people I think would be perfect in the roles (acting and image wise) are too old. :(

Spike - Jet Lee (stretching the age there), James McAvoy (The Last King of Scotland, Wanted)
Faye - Milla Jovovich (Fifth Element, Resident Evil), Anne Hathaway (Get Smart, Becoming Jane)
Ed - Dakota Fanning (Uptown Girls, Charlotte's Web), Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine)
Julia - Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation, The Other Boleyn Girl), Claire Danes (Stardust, Romeo + Juliet)

Can't think of anyone for Jet or Vicious right off the top of my head. Edward Norton would make a good Vicious, I think, but that's pushing the age again. And Hugh Jackman would make a good Spike, but for the same reason.

And now, get ready to die a little inside.
MTV is going to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've seen next to zero positive response to this, and I'll certainly add my own anger, frustration and disdain. It's impossible to recreate Rocky Horror. I honestly don't think it can be done. And I also think they should stay the hell away from it. I don't care if they're using the original script and songs; that just makes it worse, in my opinion. It's like saying "the original wasn't good enough, so let's redo it." Fuck. That. MTV and Fox, stay the hell away from my Rocky Horror! Maybe the fan outcry will be so bad that they'll change their mind. I can only hope.

Oh and by the way, Disney is making a sequel to Tron. I wish Hollywood could leave good things alone.


Stier said...

A Cowboy Bebop live-action? It wouldn't be that terrible, that show has already a strong American good-old show feeling.
Still, the thing is not using a too well-known cast, 'cause it would hurt the credibility of the characters.

My cast?

Spike: I'm taking to risky options on this guy, 'cause Spike has an "I hate friends" face. My two candidates would be Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain (after a serious beat down XD) or James Van Der Beek (again after a serious beat down XD)

Jet: Isaiah Washington (from Grey's Anatomy) would be for me the closest call XD

Ed: I would suggest something really interesting for her. Let's use a boy instead of a girl. I suggest Bobby Coleman (from Must Love Dogs), I think he could really make it just fine

Faye: We need a girl with a strong femininity for this lady. Eva Green (from Casino Royale, and Dreamers) would be a good choice.

Julia: Kate Bosworth. A thin blond with difficult expressions is needed and Bosworth has proven before she can do that with little effort.

Anyway, it's just my opinion

Kris said...

As I said, I've always thought it would transfer to live action well. The show has a realistic feel, and it makes you think that life could really be like that, even in a not too distant future. The movie could turn out really great if it's in the right hands, and the right people are involved; or it could turn out horribly for the opposite reasons. I've seen great concepts (Tin Man http://www.scifi.com/tinman/) turn out badly that in better hands could have been really great.

I hadn't thought about Gyllenhall, though now I think he might be a good choice. But not James Van Der Beek.

And thinking about it some more, I'd like to add Rosario Dawson and Idina Menzel to my possible Faye choices.

Not sure about Kate Bosworth. I barely remember her from Beyond the Sea, but I recall hating her in Superman Returns. I think I'd make a good Julia. :)

Ah, the Martian Child kid. He was great. But it wouldn't sit right with me for Ed to not be a girl.

Stier said...

I won't know if you'd be a good Julia until I see a picture =3.

Van der Beek nowadays looks pretty similar to Spike's bone structure, he only needs the "I don't care about anything other than my cigarettes" attitude, besides I've seen a couple of his recent performances, I know he isn't the greatest, but it would be an interesting challenge for him. Gyllenhaal is a terrific actor, however he seems to happy for me, that's why they both need some serious beat downs XD.

Eva Green is an intimidating girl when she wants too (I still remember Dreamers), and that attitude is crucial anybody willing to try to fit in Faye's shoes.

Regarding Ed, I told you I think it would be risky to use a boy, however Bobby has the looks, and somehow he is talented. Abigail and Dakota, are too blond to be Ed, someone with a tomboyish attitude would be perfect... but I don't know that many kid celebrities XD

What I like about Kate, is her natural capability to look cold XD, 'cause her acting is pretty terrible.

If I think of any anime I'd like to see in a movie, the first three titles that come to my mind are Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Berserk. I'd give Trigun to Alfonso Cuaron (from Children of Men), Berserk to Zack Snyder, but in CB case I really don´t know who might do a good job.

P.S: Every day that passes I like your blog even more

unit-1978 said...

Im with you Kris, Hollywood has a tendacy to mess with good stuff and rarely make it better. Usually it just becomes another remake that people hate.

As for live action Bebop...not sure. I think it could work, but again I just see Hollywood ruining it.

Kris said...

My little avatar there is actually a drawing of me as Julia; it's part of a drawing of me and Julia standing next to Steve Blum as Spike. ^_^ I didn't draw it, but I did add the color.

Van der Beek has never been attractive to me at all. And his acting leaves much to be desired as well.
I wonder if you've ever seen Donnie Darko? It stars Gyllenhaal as a "troubled teenager," which is a nice way to say he's mentally unstable and talks to an imaginary giant rabbit.

I don't know many child celebrities either, but I thought Abigail was great in Little Miss Sunshine. And saying someone is too blonde is kind of silly. :) That's what wigs are for!

And Julia isn't really cold. She's sad, and Johansson is good at that depressed, sad look. That's why I thought of her.

I agree that Trigun would probably make a good LA movie too. I wish they'd get on with that Evangelion movie they're supposedly making.

I hope (or wish, more likely) that Watanabe-san has a say in the casting. Much like Sondheim had final say in the casting for the Sweeney Todd movie.

Oh! I just thought of...maybe Jude Law for Vicious. (Yum!)

Unit - I'm a fan of old movies. Meaning movies from the 30s-50s. And I'm so frustrated by Hollywood's constant remaking of these fantastic films. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was Spencer Tracy's final film and was fantastic, and they had to go an make that stupid Ashton Kutcher movie Guess Who? And those movies Cheaper by the Dozen (although this one is based on a real family, so it could avoid "remake" status I guess) and Yours Mine and Ours are also remakes. The Father of the Bride movies weren't too bad, though the Parent Trap remake was awful. And I could probably go on and on. :)

Stier said...

Sorry for the too blond if it sounded offensive. I just can't see them as Ed, even with the wig on XD.
Someone passed me a "How I meet your mother" or something like that video.. and officially Van Der Beek, is out, horaay for Gyllenhaal.

By the way, if you find parts when my english is hardly understandable, forgive me, I haven't been able to practice it lately.

Kris said...

I understand. :) Like I said, I don't know many child actors. They're not in most of the movies I watch.

Van der Beek is on How I Met Your Mother? Oh I see...for an episode, I think. We are talking about the Dawson's Creek kid, right?

For someone who I assume English is not a first language, your English is excellent. I haven't had any problems at all. :) I did take a look at your blog, by the way, but even with 4-5 years of Spanish (3 in high school, 1-2 in college), I unfortunately don't remember any of it.

Stier said...

Thank you, I learned all my english from TV and Zelda OoT when I was 12 (that was like 10 years ago =D) and I don't have many people who like to speak english, so it's good to see I'm not that rusty.

Spanish it's a very complicate language (most of the people in my country still don't know how to use it XD). So I don't blame you if you couldn't understand my blog. Besides my blog is like a personal journal, so it's not like you'll find many interesting things to read there. However if you'd like to practice spanish someday, I'd gladly help you.

Kris said...

I know many people who learned Japanese via anime and video games. I'd never be able to learn all those symbols.

Part of the reason I failed so horribly with Spanish is that while I have excellent hearing, I have a hard time actually listening to people talking. Part of that is my love for the English language and my background in theatre and music (where diction is extremely important). So I have a hard time understanding people who don't speak clearly. And in the case of a foreign language, my brain simply can't keep up with the speed. When I was learning Spanish, I was fairly good at translating written text, but I couldn't speak it or "hear" it. Does that all make sense? And since I never practiced with it or used it outside of classes, I never truly learned it. I also think I was simply translating and not really learning the words themselves.

I live in Texas, so it would certainly be very useful, but there are many other things I'd much rather learn (like Norse, Japanese or Anglo-Saxon).

I actually didn't think the language itself was all that difficult, except for the incredibly large amount of verb formations. There are a lot of cognates, and many words are similar to Italian and Latin words.

unit-1978 said...

Kris, yeah I understand as well. I love movies all kinds but Id say Im more of a horror buff and since about early 2000 the horror world has been blowing up with crappy hollywood remakes. Most are just garbage. I cant say I know alot of older movies as you mentioned but I do know exactly what your talking about. Its like out in Hollywood you have all these creative people, yet companies prefer to stay safe and just remake older movies.

As for James Van Der Beek...that guy cant act for anything. As for Scarlet playing Julia....now shes yummy :) and I do think shes a great actress. Lost in translation is one of my faves, plus cause Im just a junkie for Japanese culture.

Stier said...

Believe it or not, I completely understand what you say. It happened the same to me when I tried French. I remember my teacher hittin' me with the classic ruler when I couldn't understand her (she used to speak a little fast), or because of my pronunciation

Texas, huh? Must be a beautiful place. I used to work at HP coordinating engineers for Texas, both Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia and many other states. And what I'll always remember is how kind and friendly where the engineers in Texas (most of all a certain lady, who used to treat me like her son), so I have a very good impression on Texans.

unit-1978 said...

I was born in a little small town in Texas as well and have family all over. From one side of the state to the other.Dont worry Kris, Im hispanic what they call Texacano, mexican heritage, but born in Texas and beleive me I dont speak spanish either. I get alot of crap for that. I understand alot and can read it, but as you said speaking it is a whole other ball game. I just dont understand sentence structure to make an actual fluid sentence. My spanish is more broken with english. I try and talk to some of my relatives but alot of times they just end up speaking english to me.

As you said again Kris, Id much rathre learn Japanese which is why I try and watch everything I can in Japanese and plus I translate alot of stuff which helps me learn symbols. I know all my basics, and typical "tourist" type phrases, but its a good feeling when I can see something and translate it. I have about 4 Japanese dictionaries, 2 tourist books, and a giant kanji book as well as kata-kana and hirigana books. Lots of work and lots of writing but sometimes it pays off as I said.

Where in Texas are you Kris, if I may ask. I live in Florida now.

Kris said...

Unit - Up around Dallas. I was born about 5 hours south of here, in south central Texas. I moved up here for college, and stayed.

For the record, I probably know about 10 words or phrases in Japanese. I can say hello, good morning, thanks for the food/let's eat, cute, light, thank you, please, I'm sorry/excuse me, really basic stuff. And I know how to use the honorifics. Oh, and I can insult people by calling them an idiot or a pervert. ^_^

stier -
The part of Texas I happen to live in (northern, the DFW area) isn't very pretty. It's mostly concrete, if you know what I mean. There are some beautiful areas in Texas, specifically the area we refer to as the Hill Country, which is around central Texas, and it's really quite nice there. Lots of hills, trees, cliffs, rivers; it's very peaceful as well. But everywhere else is pretty flat and dull, unless you go out to west Texas, where you start hitting a more dessert area that blends into New Mexico, only without the gorgeous mesas and mountains.

unit-1978 said...

Yeah I was born in Lamesa, about an hour from Lubbock, in and around midland, odessa area. Its a tiny little blip on the map. I have family in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, in El Paso, and in Lubbock and Amarillo, and in Austin. I want to eventually move back to Austin, but your righ the farther you go west, it gets very desert like and once you hit El Paso you seen the mountains/plateus

Stier said...

Hehehe you know the same japanese as I do. I wanted to take some classes, but right now I don't have enough money to pay for them. So if you get to learn first you'll have to teach me miss Kriss. Perhaps we can trade japanese classes for Spanish classes =3.
The hill country.. sounds nice. I love nature so I'd probably like the place. Unfortunately I don't have any family in there XD.

If you like nature you should probably consider someday visiting Costa Rica, you'd be amazed...