E3 - Everybody else

For your own information needs:
I recommend heading over to Kotaku, where you can read transcripts from live blogs of every conference. G4, IGN, Gamespot and Game Trailers have lots of videos from conferences, demos and trailers. 1Up has lots of coverage as well. Though to be perfectly honest...there's not a lot going on this year. The biggest and most talked about news has been the announcement of FFXIII for the 360. That's really been the only bomb shell announcement this week. Which, while exciting, is also rather sad. A lot of the games seen are games we all know are coming, though it is nice to see so many demos. And there's not much news at all on things that we're all now left wondering about (nothing on Kingdom Hearts, FFXIII didn't have a demo, no Mario or Zelda titles (or even Megaman or Metroid), Bungie's big secret announcement got blocked by their publisher). A metric ton of casual games though. Which is good and bad. It's good that they want to go after that casual market, but please don't forget about your hard core fans! Microsoft and Nintendo (as well as Take-Two and Ubisoft) are extremely guilty about drowning us in casual games this year. Fortunately what big titles there are, are big titles and look amazing.

And since I can't get the stupid G4 videos to play all the way through (which seems to be a common problem there), I'll be scanning through Kotaku's excellent live blogs for game announcements (which saves me from riffling through multiple articles and websites to get everything).

Konami -
Expansion pack for Metal Gear Online with new characters and things. Rock Revolution...something with Linkin Park? I guess it's their answer to Rock Band except...why not just play Rock Band 2? Silent Hill: Homecoming. Elebits DS. Castlevania: Judgment (Wii). Castlevania Ecclesia.

EA -
Video montage! Lots of Sports games (not surprising), new Sims, "New Casual Entertainment," Harry Potter, Spore, "New Partners," and Mirrors Edge there at the end.
John Riccitiello takes the stage. No power point, no market shares. Just the people who makes the games showing the games. Starts with the Sims and Rod Humble. Sim Animals, which I guess is like The Sims but with animals instead of people, with a bit of Sim Park in there. And the G4 stream cut. Technical glitches; yeah I'm not bothering with this. So here's a sum of the games they announced/displayed.
Sim Animals. The Sims 3. Dead Space. Mirror's Edge. Spore stuff. EA Sports - same old same old - NBA Live, Madden, golf stuff. Rupture and EA Online (you can track friend's games and stuff). iPhone games. Dragon Age Origins, new PC RPG from Bioware! Left 4 Dead. EA owns id now, I guess. They're making Rage.

Take-Two -
Mafia 2. Sports games - golf, NBA, MLB, Don King, hockey. Carnival Games DS. Dora the Explorer (Wii). Civilization Revolution (which is out already). Borderlands, Bioshock. Champions Online (which is like Heroes, but uses the Champions rpg system). Bioshock is supposedly getting a movie. Midnight Club LA.

Rayman Raving Rabbids Wii again. Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway. Tom Clancy's End War. Far Cry 2. More Imagine and Petz games (just what we need /sarcasm). Dogz Sportz on Wii. Plush Petz with keycodes to unlock stuff in Petz games. Imagine Rock Star. Imagine Movie Star. Imagine Fashion Designer New York. Imagine Party Babies on Wii. I really feel sorry for everybody who attended the Ubisoft conference.... Now Ener-G games...sportz for girlz I guess. Cheerleading (???), gymnastics, synchronized swimming, soccer, basketball.... Ener-G Dance Squad, Adventure Riders, Gym Rockets. Clearly Ubisoft desires to expand their 13-year old girl market. Shaun White Snowboard to save the day. And rounded off with Prince of Persia, to thank everyone for suffering through Petz and Ener-G crap. And something brand new called I Am Alive.

I think most of this is all Lost Planet the Movie news. Like, their entire conference.

Business stuff about the Activision/Blizzard merger. Singularity. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (to go with the movie). Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Call of Duty: World at War. Spider-Man Web of Shadows. Quantum of Solace (new James Bond game). Wolfenstein. Guitar Hero World Tour (now more Rock Band-y).

Mostly FFXIII stuff. It won't be on the 360 in Japan, Versus is still PS3 exclusive, there won't be content differences between the PS3 and 360 versions of the game.

Bungie was supposed to have a big announcement Wednesday. There was a snazzy new countdown clock up on their site at the beginning of the week. It wasn't up for long before a letter from Bungie President Harold Ryan took over the space saying that the announcement was blocked by an unnamed publisher. In a marketing fiasco, the unnamed publisher, quickly revealed to be Microsoft (by Microsoft), stated in an interview that their big surprise is a new Halo game (not the PJ game and not Halo Wars, but something new), and that they wanted to save it for a dedicated event, explaining that they felt they had plenty of great stuff to announce already and that a Halo announcement wasn't needed. Except, they just DID announce it. Way to go Microsoft.

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